Best PowerPoint templates you won’t find on Google

To excel in your business, you’ll need many skills, one of which will be your presentation skills. All things considered, it is through presentations that you speak and deliver your message to your target group, staff or clients. If you don’t know how to sell your idea, it may be hard for you to get your clients attention or keep your business partners interested.

While some want to gain knowledge from Powerpoint specialists and make their own particular templates, numerous simply want to get direct access to pre-made PowerPoint layouts. To help you win your partners trust with your PowerPoint abilities, we’ve scanned the web for the best PowerPoint themes, that will make help you to succeed and accomplish your presentation objectives much easier. Here are free PowerPoint themes that will leave your audience amazed by the message you deliver.

  1. Best PowerPoint Templates
    There are many free PowerPoint websites, but most of them come from old 90s and offer too basic templates. Best PowerPoint Templates is like fresh air along these old and outdated PPT themes. You will find lots of PowerPoint layouts, assets, graphs and charts, that are totally free to download. Simply select the free PPT format you like, click download and unzip the document to your PC. You will discover .ppt file alongside free text font used.These free high-quality templates will spare you many hours and make your PowerPoint presentations look more classy and elaborate.
  2. The Power of PowerPoint

    This is rather new PowerPoint website, and doesn’t have many PowerPoint templates just yet, but the ones that are there, are really unique PowerPoint themes each one with more than 40+ slides. It seems Japan has some great PowerPoint designers. And best think is, they are all totally free!


  3. Powerpoint Background
    Another free website, that offers tons of amazing PowerPoint backgrounds. There are more than 100 abstract PowerPoint layouts that will help your presentation and make them look extraordinary. And newest backgrounds come in HD quality, meaning they are at least 1920 x 1080 px size. All of them are free to download.


  4. Google Images/Bing Images/Yahoo Search
    You may have used Google or Bing to get PowerPoint template that you were after, but using Google Images instead of Google Search may be even better solution for you. They show pictures of many different PPT layouts, just be sure to write an exact keyword of the template you are looking for, e.g. blue abstract powerpoint template. And then you will see hundreds of exact templates right in one place. Google, Bing and Yahoo all use different search engine, so you will get different results when looking at these.


You may have found the perfect template for your topic, but always remember, it is only a part of your presentation. A good PowerPoint presentation should not solely rely on the design, and rather should be captivating and interesting to watch and listen. Good presentation is like a good story, a story that connects with people.

Good luck!

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